“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Laura Hunt for several years and everyone who meets her wants to know if she can bottle up and sell her magic! Laura has a magnetic personality with solid business acumen, and she brings herself to every venture, project and endeavor that she’s involved in. She has an original and creative eye for fashion styling and wardrobe consulting, her on-air skills range from covering fashion to technology, and she brings a thorough understanding of working with brands with their goals in mind. When I need a professional for the job, I don’t hesitate to call on Laura.”

Nancy Vaughn
Public Relations & New Media Coach & Consultant
White Book Agency

“They say “a la mode” means “of the style,” so it’s a nice pun to describe Laura Hunt given her success in the fashion industry. But if you’re thinking how a scoop of ice cream makes everything better, that’s what I mean, too. When you hire Laura, you get everything you hired her for–her extensive skills and work ethic and flexibility–and you get the wonderful bonus of her personality. Laura makes work fun, which not only boosts the team’s productivity but makes people want to work with her again. That explains why Laura has been so successful in so many different roles, and why she will make you successful, too.”

Todd Beck
Strategic Marketing MBA

“No one knows ‘Fashion’ like Laura Hunt. I’m a TV Producer and Host, I have seen first hand how Laura can execute and deliver on a wide variety of fronts. She is truly an amazing talent. Her amazing skill set, ‘behind’ or ‘in front’ of the camera, gives companies and agencies a complete ‘turn key’ approach in working with proven professional like Laura. Most importantly, in today’s market place, the ability to execute and deliver on a project is what is mission critical- and that is what Laura Hunt is all about!”

‘H’ John Mejia
Founder & CEO
Media, Marketing & Business Strategist

“I originally met Laura when my Daughter modeled for a few of her clients and her fashion segments on Morning TV News pieces. She was so enthusiastic and creative for her Models. She also was a great mentor and guide for the models. I loved that in her and was happy when my Daughter worked under her. I have stayed in touch with Laura through the years because her personality strives to bring out the best for her clients and to provide the best for all those she works for motivates me in my professional and personal life. I have seen her amazing growth and success over the past few years. I believe all those who have the opportunity to work with Laura will celebrate her dynamic personality, incredible knowledge in many areas, and appreciate her dedication for success.”

Amanda B. Wyandt
Tropical Paver Sealing LLC

“Laura was my stylist for a photo shoot and I loved everything that she brought to the shoot. She knew exactly the looks needed for the shoot and came prepared. She hustles the whole time and is positive and upbeat! Everyone on the set loved her and we worked 14 hours straight with very little breaks. Her attention to detail and making sure everything looks perfect throughout is very impressive. I hope to work with her again!”

Janissa Fuentes
IMG Model